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The sole purpose of Best Trade Bid is to connect providers with buyers. It was created as a result of the frustration of wanting the best deal around, but not having enough time to do the research.

This modern way of sourcing was developed by Mark Carpenter in 1999 and he established the company Best Trade Bid Pty Ltd in July 2007.  Mark employed a team of professionals, who were given the challenge to:  

  • use modern reliable, safe technology
  • make it simple to use
  • make it free to the consumer
  • make it affordable for business

The sole purpose of Best Trade Bid is to help members find what they are looking for. It was created as a result of the frustration of wanting the best deal around, but not having enough time to do the research. So rather than just wishing for a system like this, Mark and the team decided to create it, so everyone can benefit.

Our Vision

  • To provide a quick and easy method of sourcing a huge variety of products and services for the consumer, wholesale and/or retail.
  • To provide businesses with new customer opportunities, for a cost far less than traditional forms of advertising, and more effective.

So with a team of experts, Mark and his team have designed this simple to use search system that allows the consumer total control over who they want to provide for them.  It is designed to save money, and time whilst keeping businesses honest in their pricing and dealings with their clients, knowing they are competing for the client's dollar. You never know what special deals suppliers will offer to gain your business. 

With a simple, easy to fill out form, you only need to give the information you would have to give to any service provider, and then wait for the response from the businesses who want to help you.  This is a practical, hassle free way of finding trades, services and products. The person who specializes in the area you require will communicate directly with you. 

Once you give us the details, we will do our best to match your request with suitable providers in your region.

Extra features

Bargain Bay

  We have extended our service to include the section called Bargain Bay. It has been designed to give businesses the opportunity to reach a huge audience with a description and pictures of their special bargain, and to give members a chance to obtain products and services at a special rate. We hope you enjoy using this part of our web site.


We have built into our system this is a fantastic way to earn extra income for very little effort. 

It is a reward feature for people who refer Best Trade Bid to others. Anyone can become an affiliate of Best Trade Bid's. It is free to join, and we are offering financial reward for referrals and sales of lead credits. Every one that an affiliate refers to us is always linked to them as an affiliate, so even if a referral doesn't join the first time they use the affiliate's unique link, it doesn't matter. Our system will recognizes the link in the future, and will pay the appropriate bonus for any sales, for the life of the business that registers. You can read more about it and join us here.

Our future

We are continually working on improvements to our site. We want to make it bigger, better, faster, and of course the BEST. If you would like to have your say, feel free to contact us. All feedback is read and taken seriously. If something isn't working properly, please give us the opportunity to fix it by letting us know. Sometimes systems get gremlins in them. We don't deliberately set out to make something that doesn't work. A lot of professional time and energy has been put into the system to make it as simple and effective as possible.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you. We hope you'll come back and use this free service often.




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