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How is your advertising budget going? frustrated?

The never ending quest to deliver practical and affordable messages that work, to your potential clients is something that bigger businesses employ a marketing consultant for, but from my experience, for small business managers, controlling their own marketing strategies, using a variety of media, you mostly get the feel of your target market by placing yourself in the position of the buyer of your product or service. After weighing up the add, the cost and the vehicle used to convey the message, and gut feelings, the decision is made on the right course of action. The money we spend on marketing should be able to bring customers wanting to spend, not just for a curious look. Ineffective trials are recorded and remembered for what they are.

We have a lot of people joining up as buyer members, so they will obviously be adding jobs, if not now it will be later, so don’t miss out on the opportunity for a new client, or allow your competition to get them before you do. We are offering business people, (who are our members as providers or suppliers)

  1. free registration of your business.
  2. no subscriptions.
  3. no annual fee.
  4. a no fee look at customers requests that match businesses abilities.
  5. immediate notification of a job request.
  6. a flat rate fee of $10 for the purchase of the clients contact details.
  7. Easy prepaid lead credit purchase.
  8. hassle free and time saving. (by simply registering once, filling in the business details)
  9. cost cutting marketing (we do the marketing on your behalf)

Here is a simple example of how it will work.

Billy Bob adds a job on the Best Trade Bid web site. This job matches your business capabilities in category, scope and region. We send you the message immediately (if you are a registered supplier member) showing you the job submitted. You can choose to ignore it or take it on. You are only charged a fee for the contact details of the potential client. You then deal directly with the client. Once we have provided you with their details, we have fulfilled our obligation to the client and to you. We are not interested in how much the job is worth, what you are charging, what licensing or insurance you have. That is between you and the client and the law. We are just the match makers.

Business people are starting to realize the value of pay per client advertising, and with our ever increasing presence, and the decline of print media advertising and usage, you should get in on the action.  If you want to help us get the message out to businesses to register, we’re happy to pay you for your efforts. You can join us as an affiliate by clicking here to see what it is all about. It too is free to join.

Kevin joined BTB as a supplier. This is his business profile. i-WIRED Electrical Services for all your electrical needs, servicing all areas around Adelaide. Whether its a power point or a new light fitting, power to your shed or even a complete re-wire of your house or office i-WIRED has got you covered. Call today for a free quote on anything electrical 0410607785

This is the only place on our site that you’ll get his phone number, because if you submit a job matching his business, it would be his job to contact you. If you’re in the Adelaide region and looking for a sparkie, I’m sure he’d love to hear that you heard about him through Best Trade Bid.

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Business Blogs

Paying too much for a lead?

I wonder why? we as business people get the idea when we’re launching a marketing campaign, that we are going to get exclusive rights to the market? Many times I’ve seen it. Go to a home show, and there will be several solar companies competing for your business, insert a news paper ad, there is no loyalty with advertisers. Not far from your ad is one for a similar product, and you can never seem to get a good position for an ad, without screwing someone’s arm, and begging for some consideration. Search through the Yellow Pages and if your ad doesn’t stand out, you’ll miss out.

Whether we are Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Accountants, Landscapers, Leadlighters, Brick layers, Concrete rs, Logistic operators, or even a Car salesperson, we are all in a competitive market, having to deal with others selling similar products and services as Billy Bob down the road. Keeping our businesses in front of the public’s eye is an expensive exercise. What is really going to set us apart from the rest, is customer service. How do we compete without spending a fortune in branding?

Help is here

I can bring you new customers. I was sick of the maze of expensive, unpredictable, and often times, ineffective advertising companies that burn up my money like there was no tomorrow. If you are anything like me, your always looking to find that standout campaign that will catch the public’s eye, so when they are ready for you product they will remember you. Unfortunately as humans, we have a short memory, so at great expense, we have to keep the name before the public on a regular basis. That’s how they sell radio and news paper adds.

I have created this brilliant system, where you don’t spend a cent until the buying customer has said, “I want your product, please get in touch with me” OK. So to gain a new customer;

  1. Do you have to have a beautiful big shop front? NO

  2. Do you have to pay expensive staff to capture a customer? NO

  3. Do you have to spend $$$$$ on an ad of any description? NO.

  4. Do you have to pay a monthly fee to be notified of a client wanting your product? NO.

  5. Are you limited to 8-5 business hours? NO.

  6. Does this system favor big business? NO (All on the same level)

  7. Are these leads credible, and accurately matched? YES

  8. Is there a guarantee? YES

  9. Can you take the chance that your competition is not registered with us? NO

  10. Do you know how much an investment of $10 can create you? NO

  11. Do you know how much your next customer is prepared to spend? NO

I was talking to a businessman yesterday who told me that if they can get a lead for $300 they are doing well. I was talking to an investment adviser the other week who said they often pay $60-$100 for a lead. There is no need to pay that much!

How much should it cost? Rarely do you get a lead for nothing, good luck if you do, it sometimes happens, without badgering your clients for names of their friends, but its a battle.

We are giving you a qualified lead for under $10

What do you need to do? To set up your business to receive notifications of buyers that are matched accurately to your business, you only need to register your business, as a supplier on our Best Trade Bid web site. It may take you 30 minutes to set it up with accurate details about your products and services, but once it is done, you will only need to update information if it changes. Then you forget about it. When there is a client in your region that is matched to your service, we send you all the information that you need to know. To obtain the clients contact details it will cost you a maximum of $10.

We have a simple prepaid lead credit system, so that when you obtain the details of a client, you are automatically deducted one lead credit.

Your competition? Is this lead exclusive to your business? No (unless you are the only one registered with us in the region, supplying that service) We are unable to offer exclusive leads at this price. It is up to you to sell your product to the enquirer, just as you do when they come to you through some other form of marketing that you have paid for.

Join us today and gwtp (get with the program)

Stability, Quality, Reliability and Fairness

Stability, Quality, Reliability, Fairness, and Affordability are a few characteristics that we look for in a business when we entrust our advertising dollars to them. At Best Trade Bid we have this and more. We even guarantee our accuracy with a 100% refund if we make a mistake.

You may have also noticed, our blogs are not driven by the almighty $$$, so we don’t bombard you constantly with useless information just to keep our advertisers happy. We are an independent, no fuss, bells or whistles company, trying our best to keep it simple, practical, beneficial and affordable.

At Best Trade Bid we try to keep the blogs short, irregular and of value to the reader, and we only have them here as a gentle reminder that we are still offering a fantastic service, with value for money. We also like to announce special offers available, and to give a plug to new members that join our team of suppliers.

Lets talk about new Suppliers that have joined us first.

We have Tim from Coolooa Contracting in Gympie Queensland. Here is a list of some of the things he can help you with

*Timber work repaired/replaced

*Flooring installations/repairs,Floor covering removal

*Plasterboard fixing/repairs

*Concrete repairs/Floor re-leveling

*Bathroom/kitchen strip-outs

Tim’s business is *BSA licensed, and Fully insured. You can contact Tim by direct email

Wuhoo! Creative Pty Ltd from Fortitude Valley, Queensland has also joined us. Wuhoo Creative is a Brisbane based design studio that specializes in *graphic design *web design and development *hosting *print production *advertising. You can contact Benjamin direct by email I’m sure he would love to help you with your promotional, or website needs.

U.E.B Melbourne is based at Nobel Park, Victoria, but covers a large area of Melbourne with General Carpentry, Doors and windows repairs installation and removal. Wall repairs removal and erection. Peter can be contacted by direct email

What is our special offer?

We are still offering any business members free advertising on Bargain Bay. Here is how it works.

To activate your ad you will use lead credits. Send me a note using our “contact us” page and let me know you want a refund for lead credits that you have used to activate your ad. I will gladly refund any that have been used, up to the value of $100 This is a refund, not a pre-fund.