Best Trade Bid

How it Works - Buyers

Best Trade Bid is a web-based company with the sole purpose of connecting buyers to suppliers of goods and services.

What is Best Trade Bid?

Best Trade Bid is a very convenient, web-based company, with the sole purpose of connecting buyers with suppliers of goods and services.

How does it work? bigstockphoto_Secretary_Online_3240446 1216901200.jpg

one 1203388926.jpgBecome a Best Trade Bid member
two 1203389374.jpgSubmit the details of your job request using an online form
three 1203389385.jpgWe then search for providers in your area and invite them to contact you
four 1203389395.jpgThe suppliers contact you about providing the required service.
five 1203389414.jpgYou choose the offer that suits you best, dealing directly with the supplier.

How much will it cost? 

This is a totally FREE service for the buyer (people wanting quotes, or services) and the provider pays a minimal fee for your contact details. So you know they are genuine.

When a provider contacts you about your job, be sure to consider all offers, and check the credentials of the supplier. If possible find out about other jobs they have done that are similar, check that they have insurance, and the ability to carry out the job. Remember, after we provide the registered suppliers with your request, our job is complete. We only make the connection. All negotiations are between you and the supplier. Of course we want to know if a supplier causes you grief. We only want professional suppliers who have respect for their clients. We expect registered suppliers to comply with the law and regulations, Local, State and Federal.

Think about what your budget is for the job.  Be realistic though, because no one is going to be interested in spending an hour, getting to your place doing the job, and on to the next job for $20. You wouldn't do it, so don't expect a quality service provider to. If you don't have an idea of costings don't put anything. It's OK

What are the benefits? 

  • Free service
  • Hassle free, and fast. (just add us to your favorites)
  • No more searching through phone books and business cards, and papers
  • It only takes a few minutes to fill out the details online
  • Providers that genuinely want your business will contact you
  • You retain your unique log on details for future activity
  • If you use this service more than 10 times a year, you will join our frequent user club and go into a special prize draw each month

Do I have to accept provider bids?

No you don't have to accept a provider's bid. The choice is always yours.

Tips for buyers 

  • Register now to save time later, and add this site to your favorites. Simply log on when you want to add a job at any time.
  • Be sure to consider all offers, don't necessarily accept the first offer.
  • There may not be an immediate response to your request, but contractors will be contacted on your behalf.