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How it Works - Providers

If you provide a trade or service to the public, then you could increase the public awareness of your business, job prospects, and profits by receiving contact requests from Best Trade Bid.

Let us provide you with customers

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If you provide a trade or service to the public, our system is for you. Its simple, fair, practical, fast and affordable.

There are no hidden costs, and we have no ulterior motive for having you join us as a supplier. We do not sell or pass on your information to anyone. We don't constantly contact you with useless information. We keep our email notification short and to the point, because we know your time is valuable, and we all receive enough junk by email anyway. We simply want to bring qualified customers to your doorstep for you to serve.

Everything is clearly stated on this page about costing, and we believe it is excellent value.

If you register as a supplier/provider, you don't have to register as a user as well. You can add a job, and find suppliers for yourself at anytime from the dashboard.

How does it work?

one 1203388926.jpg Become a member (No membership = No jobs)

two 1203389374.jpg Complete your business registration providing your categories of business, scopes of service, and the regions you service. Give us a brief description of your business so we can promote it accurately on our blog.

three 1203389385.jpg Forget about it. (unless your email address, or business details change.) When there is a client that matches your business accurately, you'll know about it, because we'll send you the required information by email as soon as it is submitted by the buyer.


You are in control of your information and business details through the dashboard after you have registered and Log In.

You are in control of negotiations with the buyer when we supply you with a client. Once we make the connection, we step aside and leave it up to you. We are only the matchmakers. You know your business better than we do. Its up to you to present your services and products to the client in the professional manner you normally use to your clients. Of course abuse of clients will not be tolerated. Any guilty will be removed from the register. We only want professionals.

When you receive a lead from us, you know it's a genuine request from a buyer ready to spend the money, and they are asking us to find someone willing to do the job.

We don't display a great big list of suppliers, or we would have to charge an advertising fee. We give you the customers contact details, and it's up to you to contact them. You only need to tell them that you are responding to their job submitted to the Best Trade Bid web site.

These are some of the details we will send you about the job:

  • Client's name.
  • Client's contact details.
  • Job Address.
  • The buyer's description of the job,
  • The buyer can upload up to 3 files that may assist.
  • The buyer's estimated cost of the job. (optional)
  • The buyer's preferred form and time of contact.
  • Whether the job is urgent or not.
  • The time of the client's request.
  • Whether the job is for insurance or not.
  • The job reference number in a link to the web site

How much will it cost?

  • Membership to Best Trade Bid is free - It costs you nothing to register your business with us, with no yearly subscription fees, or commissions.
  • Leads (customer contact details) as an introductory offer will cost a tax deductible $10 per lead (maximum) - see pricing schedule below.
  • If the client we provide for you, doesn't match your products and services and the regions you service, we will give you the lead refund 100% guaranteed.

Be sure to fill in as much detail as you can when you register, so we can accurately match buyers to your business. Make sure you add the Best Trade Bid emails to your safe senders list on your email administrator. Check your junk mail folder if you don't receive an email immediately after registration.
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Pricing Schedule

The sooner you respond to the request of a buyer, the more impressed the client will be with your service. 

We have an easy prepaid lead credit system, and lead credits are automatically deducted per customer supplied. Lead credits can also be used for other purchases on this site.

When you register you will be asked to choose "Express leads" or "Standard Leads" The cost per lead is the same. We strongly recommend you choose the "Express Leads" option. When our system matches your business with a buyer, you will automatically receive an email with all the information as listed above. When this information is passed on to you, you will be deducted one lead credit, and the balance of lead credits available will be shown on the top right hand side of the screen after you log on to the site. With our 100% lead accuracy guarantee, you can't go wrong.

If you have chosen "Standard Leads" then you will receive a notice via email to let you know that a client is seeking your type of product or service in your region, together with a description of the type of product or job required. If you choose to accept the opportunity by clicking "accept client details", then you will be directed to the web site where you can purchase the clients details and have one lead credit deducted.




Lead Credits














How will I benefit from my membership?

  • 100% money back guarantee means there is no risk.
  • Membership is free and enables you to log on and view and adjust your own business profile.
  • No joining fee, no yearly subscriptions, no commissions.
  • We find customers for you.
  • You reach your targeted customer without wasting your time and money organizing ineffective advertising.
  • Whether you end up with the job or not, you have the contact details of an enquirer for future campaigns.
  • You deal directly with the customer, and do not have to answer to Best Trade Bid.
  • Safe payment system, with tax invoicing for lead credits purchased.
  • Your lead credits will never lose value. (price rise and inflation safe)
  • Lead credits remain in stock until you use them. (no expiry date)


Do I have to accept leads?

No, if you want to choose which leads to accept, tick "Standard leads" in your profile

Yes, if you have chosen the "express leads" option, every matched buyer with your business will be sent immediately.

Correct match, or your money back in the form of a lead refund.

Join us now

Fill out the profile of your business, completing the Categories, Scopes and Regions. It will only take a little while to set up properly then you can forget about it.

Be ready to get all buyer's details by purchasing lead credits. and we'll do the rest.

Most of all enjoy the simplicity of our system, designed to save you time and money.


What is Bargain Bay all about?

As a registered supplier with Best Trade bid, you can now create a promotion for your special offers to visitors on our site. Normally the cost is $1 per day, which is really good value, however right now all lead credits that are used on the Bargain Bay section of our system, will be replaced by us.

Advertising is FREE. Go ahead make an ad, and put your info out there in the public's eye while the price is right. You can upload up to three photos of the product if you want. Click here to go to Bargain Bay now.